I am a wife and mother of twp grown kids living a fantastic life
in Portland, Oregon. I had been making jewelry for years in my
free time but I always had a secret desire to learn how to weld. 
A few years ago I took my firstart welding class and
fell in love. It felt so powerful to be able to melt metal!

Scavenging through metal scrap yards replaced shopping at the mall and thrift stores became my favorite hang out. I love taking old, useless items and making something new. Almost all the elements I use in my creations are upcycled from the scrap yard, vintage shops and thrift stores.
I use a lot of keys, nuts & bolts and all kinds of metal scrap to
make my home decor, jewelry and yard art. 
I am fortunate to be living in an funky town and truly love
being with other artists because it keeps the inspiration flowing, 
causing new creations to be born all the time.